Dive Grand Turk

Scuba Diving Instruction & All Inclusive Packages with Bohio's On-Site Dive Operation

Embark on thrilling Turks scuba diving adventures at Bohio Dive Resort, the best place to experience diving in Turks and Caicos and the only resort on Grand Turk Island to offer an on-site dive operation.

Dive Grand Turk's deep-blue depths, an intoxicating and diverse underworld where colorful coral, spectacular marine life, and mazes of swim-throughs and trenches come to life. The island is consistently ranked among the top dive destinations in the world, and it's not difficult to see why.

At Bohio, we cater to our diving guests with valet dive services and friendly, professionally-certified staff. Enjoy the convenience of organizing diving adventures on your oceanfront balcony and being picked up by boat just steps from your room. With our white sandy beach sloping gently to an exhilarating drop-off, spend some free time exploring the shallow depths and dramatic coral wall that plunges into the mile-deep Columbus Passage 300 yards offshore our idyllic beach - sure to create a rush for even the most experienced diver.

Learn to Dive in Grand Turk

From beginner to advanced, our qualified PADI instructors and dive masters cater to all levels of experience. Complete the course theory and exams online before your visit and then finish off in the warm turquoise waters of tropical Grand Turk.

Novice divers appreciate the protection of our sandy bay or fresh water swimming pool, but we also have a range of sites and courses to suit experts and everyone else in between. Learn more about our specialty dive courses and prices at: http://www.bohioresort.com/dive-at-bohio/padi-diving-instruction.html

Grand Turk Dive Sites

Picture diving in Turks and Caicos - warm, crystal clear waters swirl around you and visibility extends to an average 100 feet. With our unique beachfront location on the west side of the island, Bohio Dive Resort is located only a short boat ride away from all Grand Turk dive sites, where dramatic wall dives, historic wrecks, and majestic sealife are just waiting to be discovered and admired.

Explore the beautiful rare black coral at Black Forest or interact with friendly groupers at Coral Garden. View all Grand Turk dive sites on our map of Turks scuba diving sites.

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