Diving Sites

Underwater Excursions in Grand Turk

The Turks and Caicos are made up of 40 individual islands and cays, each hosting unparalleled beaches and translucent, turquoise waters teaming with diverse wildlife. Surrounded by one of the most extensive coral reef systems worldwide (65 miles across and 200 miles long), the islands are truly spectacular. Grand Turk is surrounded by walls covered in sponges and corals starting at 25 feet (7 meters) before plunging 7000 feet (1230 meters) straight down, it is guaranteed to take your breath away.

As a result, Grand Turk’s scuba diving opportunities are some of the best in the Caribbean. Our boats are ready and waiting for you only 1000 feet (300 meters) from the resort, primed to transport you to the spectacular reef that hugs the west coast of the island.

After guests set off from the eggshell white sands of Pillory Beach, our dive master leads them to any one of Grand Turk’s extraordinary dive sites. Below are a few of our favourite spots. Bohio can take you there.


Situated to the north-west of the island, McDonalds is a fine example of a Turks and Caicos dive site — the location is a particular favourite site here at Bohio. Starting in depths of 30 feet (9 meters), divers approach the wall at McDonalds swimming west. The sand gradually slopes to about 40 feet (12 meters) before plunging to around 55 feet (17 meters), and right over the lip can be seen a magnificent coral arch — hence “McDonalds” (the fast food joint). The arch creates a fantastic swim through (“drive thru”) where divers can swim out on the other side at a depth of 60 feet (19 meters). Here you will find yourself blissfully suspended over the cobalt blue of the abyssal ocean!

The Anchor

The Anchor is located to the west of Grand Turk’s middle section, and as you may have guessed, a huge, old anchor can be found at the site, sitting motionless on top of the wall at around 35 feet (10 meters). Thought to be over 100 years old, the ship that the anchor once belonged to is not known, but its design is consistent with that of a British warship of HM Royal Navy. Coral and sponges now encrust the rusty chunk of metal, the chains of which are still evident, and an abundance of aquatic wildlife is attracted to the area, hovering around the anchor as if it has a magnetic pull.

The Aquarium

The furthermost northern dive site off just off Grand Turk, located within the Columbus National Marine Park, The Aquarium takes its name from the huge array of wildlife that regularly gathers at the spot. The soft corals here are incredibly lush, and the site is unique in that it boasts an alternative reef of spur and groove coral formations — fantastic to look at!

Black Forest

Commencing at 35 feet (11 meters) divers are only moments away from dropping off Grand Turk’s world famous wall after jumping in the water at the Black Forest. The site is completely unique, because there is an undercut in the wall here, which produces a great shadow along its face. The black coral are therefore duped into thinking the area is deeper — this is interesting because black coral is usually found at depths of around 150-200 feet (60 meters). There are also some other incredible sponge growths to be witnessed here. Don’t forget to take your flashlight to reveal the true colours of the forest!