Grand Turk Beaches

Miles of White Sand and Azure Waters

Turks and Caicos beaches are second to none. It just so happens our resort is located on one of the finest in the area: Grand Turk’s Pillory Beach. The small island’s stunning coastline is the perfect place to relax before embarking on an underwater adventure to explore one of the most extensive coral reef systems in the world, measuring a whooping 62 miles (100 km) wide and over 185 miles (300 km) long.

Aside from the soft sands of Pillory Beach — the doorway to Christopher Columbus proclaimed New World — there are a number of other Grand Turk Beaches all easily accessible from Bohio.

Pillory Beach

Pillory Beach remains virtually untouched from the day Christopher Columbus landed here. Often referred to as one of the finest beaches in the Caribbean, its calm waters are ideal for snorkelling. A vertical coral reef sits just offshore, dropping from 25 feet (8 meters) to 7000 feet (2130 meters) in a heartbeat, attracting a huge array of exotic fish species such as eagle rays (Myliobatidae) and sea cucumbers (Holothuroidea). Bohio Dive Resort is also located here, the perfect place to relax before exploring the wonders of Grand Turk’s underwater paradise. Historic wrecks, dramatic dive walls, and majestic sealife are only a short boat ride away — these include Alien Nation, Mama Nature, Coral Gardens, and The Anchor.

Governor’s Beach

Grand Turk’s Governor’s Beach, at the southern end of the island, may be popular and one of the busier spots on Grand Turk, but this is for a reason. Not only is it located incredibly close to the main cruise port — making the sandy stretch easily accessible — it resides within the Columbus Landfall National Park, renowned for its beauty. Snorkelling is highly recommended here, as the waters are shallow, calm, and brilliantly clear. Beachgoers often bring picnics and sit beneath the beach’s sandy pines.

Gibbs Cay

Gibbs Cay, a few hundred feet to the west of Grand Turk, is not only famous for its abundance of sting rays (Daeyatidae), but also powdery white sands ideal for relaxing in the sun. After a short boat ride, visitors are always struck by the beauty of the cay and a wonderful afternoon can be spent interacting with the rays, enjoying a delicious fresh conch salad, and soaking up the stunning natural beauty of the sandy islet, surrounded by crystal clear waters. If you like seclusion, your own island, stunning white sand, and azure waters — this is your destination. Bohio can help get you there in by boat, rum punch, and all: Check out our diving section.