Gibbs Cay Excursion

Grand Turk Snorkeling and Beachcombing Tour

Let us take you to a Robinson Crusoe-style island for an afternoon of adventure and fun. Gibbs Cay is an uninhabited island lying just off of Grand Turk’s southeast tip and is an ideal location for snorkeling, photography, and beachcombing …

Adventure And Fun

After loading the boat with snorkeling gear and your favourite beverages we cruise along Grand Turk’s coastline where you can enjoy the best of the waterside views of this enchanting Caribbean island.

Nature’s Viagra?

On the way you can join the local dive masters free-diving for conch, and later they will show you how to extract it from its shell and transform it into a mouthwatering conch ceviche.

For the adventurous, you can try the ‘Conch Worm’ — allegedly nature’s Viagra!

Close Encounters With Sting Rays

Friendly Sting Rays accustomed to people visiting this location play in the shallow waters here. You are welcome to snorkel with them and experience their beauty close-up.

This is a photographer’s paradise, as Eagle Rays, barracuda and Lemon Sharks are also known to visit this spot.

Spectacular Ocean Views

Hike over to the other side of Gibbs Cay to enjoy spectacular views out across the Atlantic Ocean. Beachcombers can explore the jetsam and flotsam that washes up on this secluded beach.